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Global Health Advisors

Public Health and Social Development

Technical and research advise for a healthier world

We provide you with the support and training your organization needs to create stronger evidence-based programs, measure your results and showcase them powerfully to donors and beneficiaries.

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Global health advice


Monitoring and evaluation


Research and evidence

Areas of expertise


Epidemiology, Infectious diseases, Maternal and child health, sexual and reproductive health, Health equity and barriers in access to health care.

Psychosocial support

For staff, volunteers and beneficiaries.


Gender-analysis, gender-sensitive programming, LGBTI rights.


We work to improve health and social projects worldwide by providing technical and research advise and training to hands-on organizations so they can obtain:

Better outcomes

Obtain stronger outcomes from your programs through the use of evidence, and training of staff in technical, leadership and research skills.

More funding

Obtain more funding for your programs by measuring and showcasing your results.


Disseminate your results powerfully in the right forums to foster learning and collaboration.