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Leadership based on a passion for people

Book summary

Congratulations! You’ve just landed a new job as a team leader!

You are very excited, yet, because you never studied any management or business administration, you are also worried about how you are going to pull this off…

How do you create an amazing team? How do you get people to work together constructively? How do you keep the project on track? What do you do when conflict explodes? How do you ensure that managing your team’s request doesn’t eat up all your time?

This book is a practical guide to accompany you through the process of becoming a great leader and putting together a dream team. It will show you how to:

  • Identify the leadership skills you already possess and build on them.
  • Successfully transition from team-member to team leader.
  • Get rid of overwhelm and learn to manage your time.
  • Achieve your team goals through smart planning and follow-up.
  • Manage the team formation process to create a strong, cohesive team.
  • Maintain smooth communication by establishing solid systems.
  • Help your team members avoid or overcome demotivation and burnout.
  • Resolve conflict constructively.

This is the book I wish I had when I started as a team leader years ago. I’ve put together all the best strategies I researched and tested through my own journey as a leader.

Within weeks of reading this book, and applying the ideas discussed here, you will see positive changes in how you relate to your team. You will have a clear vision of who you want to be as a leader and how to put together a dream team, and most importantly, the tools and a plan on how to get there.

The journey starts here. It’s a fun one.

What readers are saying

"I so wish I had been able to have this book years ago when I was suddenly promoted to a Department Director's position. I was an excellent clinical dietitian, and a competent educator, but I was suddenly thrown into a management job and felt like I was treading water. As luck would have it, I did not do too badly because I had an educator's mind set and saw my role as one of facilitation of the work of others. But so many mistakes along the way could have been avoided with a resource such as this book is." - Judith Pratt Jefferies

"Reading this book I felt it was written just for me - I have often found myself in positions of leadership and just as often have been stymied by imposter syndrome. This book has given me insight into the skills I already possess, skills I carry with me without knowing. Build your Dream Team shares tips on how to harness these skills and how best to use them towards the building of a thriving team. Iglesias writes with clarity and from the heart - using very relatable experiences. The book is hugely practical with spot on tasks - giving lots of food for thought and many 'aha' moments - yes that is it, that's me ! Build your Dream Team will leave you feeling encouraged and excited and without doubt with a strong ability to create and lead the team that you deserve." - Amazon Customer

"This book is packed with research, useful case stories, and practical tips to help you be a better leader. Build your Dream Team helped me understand my weaknesses and strengths as well as opened my mind to other perspectives and ways of leading not only myself but others. I am an entrepreneur and lead a team of 15 health care professionals, and I would wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone who wants improve themselves and be a better leader." - Peter B. Sims

"Candela's approach to leadership captivated me from the beginning. She leads you first to discover what you already have acquired on leadership skills and experiences, then to show you how to use them. Her language flows easily bringing you forward in an entertaining way while giving you accurate knowledge, examples and exercises. This is a book a will go back to several times." - Anne Johansen

"I finished my PhD 3 years ago. I’m what the world calls a "young researcher" who should be acting as a leader and building a team to do basic research. So, since the first page I identified with the book (...) The real world expects to me to be a leader. But, am I one? The author's vision of what a leader is really inspired me and clarified many concerns I had. I learned that being a leader is much more than being the most experienced person or the one with a position of power. A real leader is someone who loves what she does and spreads to others her passion for her job. After reading the book I'm more confident that my transition from team member to leader is possible (…) I strongly recommend this book to people who are passionate about what they do (whether they are leaders or just work inside a team) and are aware that learning new things every day is the key to succeeding in life!" - Olivia Briceño, PhD