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Our aim is to improve health, education and livelihoods worldwide by supporting your organization to obtain better results and more funding for your programmes.

We provide training and technical advise in three areas.

Leadership and team-building


Are conflicts among your team hindering progress? Are you having trouble keeping your team motivated and engaged? Is team management absorbing all your time?

At CI Consulting I provide services that can benefit you and your organization to strengthen your results by strengthening your team and building stronger leadership abilities.

Monitoring and evaluation


Is your organization losing funding because of lack of indicators in your reports? Are your reports showcasing only individual stories because in no data collection systems are in place? Is the process of trying to set up monitoring and evaluation systems creating frustration and overwhelm among your team? Are you still using Excel to collect your data?

At CI Consulting I provide services that can benefit you and your organization to build or strengthen your monitoring and evaluation framework and activities, and train the people responsible for M&E.

Showcasing your results


Do you have data gathering dust that you don’t know how to analyse? Do you have results from your programme and you don’t know where to present/publish them? Are your organization’s reports to donors generating little or no interest?

At CI Consulting we provide services that help you and your organization to powerfully showcase your results in the appropriate forums. Share lessons learned with peers, obtain or maintain strong donor support and disseminate results among beneficiaries and communities.